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Flint Is Not the Only Victim of a Toxic Environment in Michigan

Michigan's Most Toxic Area:
Southwest Detroit - 48217

We're fighting the coldest war against an enemy that you can't see, hear, or touch. But it touches us ALL in such unimaginable ways!

The "Toxic Soup" created by the Industrial Corporations located in this section of Detroit is permeating the air! This results in the ongoing, but barely reported, rise in diseases such as Bronchitis, Asthma, Emphysema, Heart Disease, and varying forms of Cancer! Thus, making this portion of the city the most polluted in the entire state. This section alone is more than triple the state's average of reported Cancer cases!

Like the Flint Water Crisis, these residents are fighting to survive the natural elements which should be free from these toxins and pollutants. 

We are working to resolve the problem on our own by contributing to the creation of Eco-Scrubbing Green Spaces like our Eden Park Project! 

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What's Going on at Eden Park as it continues to develop...






Our Eco-Scubbing / Oxygen Producing
GREEN Space...

is On It's Way!



Partnering to Make a Difference

What we are doing...

We are building upon existing natural, human, and financial assets in the 48217 community to make the Eden Park Community Project a reality!  Tri-City’s Board of Directors & Staff, as well as the Eden Park Community Project Steering Committee, are actively engaging 48217, 48218, & 48229 residents and other community stakeholders in the planning and implementation of Eden Park.  

Our partners include, but are not limited to, youth & seniors, Master Gardeners, Environmental Experts, Community Activists, Block Club Leaders, Schools, Church Leaders, Local Musicians, Elected Officials, and nowMajor Corporations within our geographic area, that all want to help mitigate the serious environmental problems in the area.   

We are grateful for the financial generosity of the New Mt. Hermon Missionary Baptist ChurchAngel Investors”, Wayne County Brownfield Redevelopment Authority, Ben & Jerry’s FoundationDTE and The Michigan Sierra Club Partnership Community Environmental Action Committee Grant, The Michigan Economic Development Corporation, The Marathon Petroleum Foundation, Inc. and The Midwest Environmental Justice Network Fund.  

Additionally, we acknowledge and are extremely grateful to Greening of Detroit, The University of Michigan’s Alzheimer’s Research Center, Michigan Good Food Charter, The Michigan Sierra Club, Reach Realty Group, and Hamilton Anderson & Associates for providing pro-bono support during our initial stages of this project.

Anticipated Project Outcome

Not just for aesthetic value... Green Spaces add REAL Value!

Environmental Benefits

Environmental Benefits

The benefits of this Green Space are plentiful to say the least! Some of them include... Water Purification, Air Purification, Temperature Modification via Energy Saves, Oxygen Generation, Carbon sequestration

Economic Benefits

Economic Benefits

Green Spaces improve property value along with reducing energy costs that would normally affect a home's budget. They also assist in maintaining the environmental conditions in such a way that they ensure we maintain consistent and anticipated weather conditions; thereby preparing us to endure, which helps us adjust our energy expenditures. 

Health Benefits

The Health Benefits of a functioning Green Space are numerous. Ours will benefit the community by providing a space for Recreation, Increased Physical Activity, Stress Reduction, as well add to the Visual Appeal by providing a restorative environment. 

Partner Comments

Dave Leaver

Marathon Oil's Detroit Refinery General Manager

“It’s Marathon’s job to fuel the community... which includes being a good neighbor and supporting Southwest Detroit. We are proud of the work we do with and for Detroit residents.”

Dave Leaver

Marathon Oil's Detroit Refinery General Manager

Christy Clark

Director - Environmental Management & Safety at DTE

“Kids need sustainable spaces where they can play, explore and grow. A cleaner planet for children and future generations is important to us at DTE, which is why DTE is proud to help create and protect places like this green space.”

Christy Clark

Director - Environmental Management & Safety at DTE

EPCP Steering Committee

a Tri-City CDC

Dr. Alex R. Hill, Sr.

Steering Committee Chair

Dr. Alicia Renee Farris

Steering Committee

Dr. Loretta G. Smith

Committee Member

Ms. Rhonda Anderson

Committee Member

Ms. Sunceria Garrett

Committee Member

Dr. Delores Leonard

Committee Member

Hon. Malcolm Moulton

Committee Member

Rev. Jerome Maclin

Committee Member

Eden Park Champions

Our State Dignitaries are in it with us!

We are pleased to report that several elected officials have supported this project since its inception.  They have helped us to navigate some difficult terrain while trying to secure this property. They’ve also championed state funding support & individual donations.  

Our heartfelt THANKS go to Senator Marshall Bullock, State Representative Tyrone Carter, and Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib. We celebrate them as we work together to make the “Tri-City” area an ecologically friendly place to live!

Former State Senator <br>Marshall Bullock

Former State Senator
Marshall Bullock


State House Rep. <br>Tyrone Carter

State House Rep.
Tyrone Carter

Congresswoman <br>Rashida Tlaib

Rashida Tlaib

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